Ultimate List of Best SEO Audit Tools You Should Use in 2019

Knowing how huge amount and time businesses these days invest in digital marketing and social media as to increase their brand exposure worldwide. With the growing usage of the internet and it’s available anywhere and anytime, businesses have started taking initiatives to send time and money on their internet presence also.

Many companies recruit their own digital marketing team if they have the available human resource or otherwise many companies hire SEO agencies, consultants and freelancers for the same work if they have the available monetary resources.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as we know is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of a website or a web page to users of a web search engine. And hence we can conclude that SEO plays a vital role to popularize the websites in major search engines and to get ranking positions for the keywords and landing pages.

Usually, any company does SEO of their websites by initially doing an SEO audit.

What’s an SEO Audit?

An SEO audit is standard procedure for any website that gives you a better insight into your website, individual pages and overall traffic. It is a great way to improve performance allowing you to rank better in the SERPs.

  • When should an SEO audit be performed?
  • At the beginning of a new project
  • At the beginning of a new quarter
  • What Audit strategies should you perform?

Technical Analysis

to check if your website is working properly. Focus on major two things: Accessibility- that is connected to Google’s and User’s ability to access the website as if your potential visitors are unable to see your pages, there is no point in creating new content; Indexability- when it comes to Google, accessibility and indexability go hand in hand.

Both of them are necessary in order for your pages to be shown to end user. Accessibility refers to crawlers being able to access your pages while indexability refers to those pages being presented within the search engine after being accessed.

On-page Analysis

There are two ways to view on-page analysis: General content issues- where every post you create has to make sense. From an SEO perspective, it is really bad to have various conflicting topics that have nothing to do with the website’s main idea.

Usually, when it comes to general content issues, a lot of bloggers encounter keyword cannibalisation and duplicate content; Individual page issues- refer to the way each page is written and structured. And hence every article needs to be well-structured, with the end user in mind.

This is not only important for the search engine but also for all the bloggers and visitors who are going to link or share said content. Your URL should be clean, short, logical and which describes your content properly and briefly. Create longer articles as it would provide value to the reader. Images need to be optimized as this will give them a chance of ranking within Google image search.

Off-page Analysis

off-page ranking factors are the result of your work. They show how popular your website is, whether people are linking to it and from which websites, is it trustworthy etc. The off-page analysis shows us how other people react to our website.

Competitive Analysis and Keyword Research

it’s the last thing on your list. You need to do competitive analysis or keyword research which is one and the same SEO world to deal with SEO audit. The keywords you use is the most crucial measurement when it comes to SEO cause while analysing keywords you also analyse your competition. Consider two things for each keyword:

Difficulty cause it shows you how hard or easy it is to rank while Traffic- cause it shows you how many people search for that term during a period of time. Ideally, your keyword should be with middle difficulty and medium volume.

And now how do you perform this SEO Audit ?

It is performed by using various SEO Audit tools. With an SEO audit, you can discover what is wrong and what you need to improve. With it, you can make your website better and more visible to search engines, leading to more traffic and conversion.

Remember that the process of SEO auditing is a time-consuming process and we have to analyse all the pages of the website with the support of several technical tools.

Best SEO Audit tools that can work nest foe you:


Instant SEO Checker & SEO Audit Tool which is Simple, easy-to-use website analysis tool to track and connect your marketing data.

That’s what the official website states and after our research even we consider Woorank as an amazing audit tool to analyse your website as it proves to be the most useful tool for website owners, SEO Agencies, freelancers and as well as digital marketing companies.

The Woorank audit tool provides you with a detailed analysis of On Page SEO, Off Page SEO, backlinks, broken links and also you can locate the defective web pages. Further, it provides you by recommending you on how to improve the website visibility and rankings. The unique features of Woorank are it’s the capability to provide SEO Audit reports in PDF format that are easy to understand so that your SEO experts can fix the issues easily.


All-in-one Marketing Toolkit for digital marketing professionals.

Similar to Woorank, Semrush is also another auditing and research tool which helps you to track the organic keywords, backlinks, competitor research along with PPC keywords of your competitors. To boost your website’s ranking on any search engine and to gain competitive advantage, using Semrush tool you can track you’re the data and implement the same in your SEO efforts.

The best features this SEO Audit tool provides is: it uncovers your competitor’s advertising strategies and budget; finds top publishers and advertisers; helps in backlink analysis; helps create effective advertising campaigns; export complete analytical reports in Excel Format for easy understanding; and complete website audit and position tracking.


Raventools is a White Label SEO Reports & All-In-One SEO Tool Platform for Agencies, Freelancers and In-house Marketers. This SEO Audit tool is trusted by thousands of agencies, inhouse marketers, media companies and freelancers.
Raventool is one of the most used and trending SEO Audit tool.

It’s mostly used by SEO consultants and digital marketing agencies as it gives you quality reports with all the technical SEO issues and also recommendations to improve them. The tool provides us with suggestions relating to site page speed, design, social media reputation, backlinks and online reputation. It also provides a list of SEO tools for optimising your website and researching.


Digital Marketing Tools for Agency-Level SEO, Lead Generation and Task Management
WebCEO is another most common used auditing tool to perform the perfect SEO Audit. It is a SaaS platform that is mainly used to monitor and track SEM Campaigns, manage links, competitor’s activities, optimize keywords and etc. It’s a 17 pro level SEO

Audit tool that helps to do keyword research, check rankings, run in-depth SEO audits, monitor backlinks, conduct safe link building and link detox, social media analysis and competitor research. It lets you have new SEO leads daily.


There’s a smarter way to do SEO. Moz as SEO software and data to help you increase traffic, rankings, and visibility in search results. It’s an amazing family of SEO solutions for every need as it ha to build best-in-class SEO software for every situation, from our all-in-one SEO platform to tools for local SEO, enterprise SERP analytics, and a powerful API.

Moz is generally used by the SEO experts, consultants and SEO agencies as it gives them Moz rank, Domain authority and page authority as metrics so that they can consider what’s better while doing Link building with other sites. It offers many Audit tools for free; like Open Site Explorer, Keyword Explorer, MozBar, Business Listing, Business Console and Research Categories.

SEO Site Checkup

Introducing the SEO ToolBox which is supercharged analysis & monitoring tools.

SEO Site Checkup is the only Audit tool in the list that will analyse your entire website in 6 different categories such as mobile usability, SEO issues, social media, servers, security and the semantic web.

It provides instantly analyses to your SEO issues as it can run unlimited analysis on its most powerful servers and also the feature of stored reports make it easy to view progress and past work. It’s a professional SEO monitoring tool that automatically keeps track of weekly changes in and gives you notifications if your SEO score changes.

It helps to understand your competitor’s SEO profile so that you can improve your SEO against the competition. This Audit tool also saves hours with white-label SEO reports which are easy to understand and act upon


SpyFu exposes the search marketing secret formula of your most successful competitors. Also searches for any domain and see every place they have shown up on Google: every keyword they have bought on Adwords, every organic rank and every advertising variation. It helps you learn how to connect with these domains too.

As the expert suggests that SpyFu is a very useful tool for extracting competitor’s insights as you are able to observe the entire activities of your competitors. It is useful for doing online marketing, digital marketing and sale activities too. The positive point is that it features Organic Search, Inbound Clicks, Paid Search (PPC) and Top Keywords.

Further, it also provides you with increasing your website’s traffic track your keyword rankings and makes better connections as the reliable contact info helps you to build partnerships or generate sales leads.


It is a comprehensive website Audit tool as the search engines rely on many factors to rank a website. SEOptimer is a Website SEO Checker which reviews these and more to help identify problems that could be holding your site back from its potential. Additionally, it provides a clear, actionable, prioritised list of recommendations to help improve your SEO.

Seoptimer is the total free auditing tool that helps locate all the errors of your website and it will also recommend the procedures to improve the website search rankings. It provides us with beautiful, branded White Label PDF reports that are easily understood and that would help you to get more customers with a professional SEO Audit.

The best part is that the White Label SEO Reports are available in several languages including French, Spanish and German, but more languages are being added. You can even customize reports to your heart’s desire – change colours and fonts; also choose which checks and sections to show and add custom content for that personal touch.

These are some of the best overall SEO Audit Tools out there. But if you are searching for something specific only you can go through the below list:


Note that the list we gave is in no way a comprehensive list and is not based on any ranking factors. For a more in-depth list of tools, you can easily go through various Audit tools available. You can either use a single tool or combine more than two tools to get the best results for your search engine optimisation audit.

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