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A client management & billing software for service providers.

Servly is an upcoming software company that helps digital service sellers streamline their selling process.

Our aim is to build a tool that helps service sellers with client on-boarding, management, billing, invoicing & much more.

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From the Founder's Desk

I've now been providing SEO services for 6 years or so. During these 6 years, I've got the chance to work with some of the most talented, ethical & sharp entrepreneurs, businesses & startups.

Apart from offering SEO services, consultation, I've also been building multiple micro-niche websites & brands.

It didn't pinch me when I started offering services, but as we progressed, I wanted to offer better service, quality & management to our clients. I was doing everything in a very un-managed & messy way.

My website had a "get a quote" button, which would lead to a page that had a contact form. I basically would bring traffic to the page that explained all the services I offered, and people would come from that page to contact form and submit.

I'd then call them or email, there was some to and fro. We discussed pricing, deliverables & such things. I'd then send payment details and things would get rolling.

I'd had to send an email report every week, or month depending on the contract. It was very unplanned, non-trackable, and messy. I wanted to offer a better service to our clients, but I didn't have the slightest idea how in the world should I?

I know I wanted a dashboard where people could buy stuff, talk to me, track everything. But here is the thing, I SUCKED AT CODING. I wanted to make a dashboard using which I could sell services better.

I only knew how to market, how to sell and how to talk to people. This thought of offering a dashboard remained in my head for a really long time.

I waited, waited, and waited.

Until one day, I met Vikash at my uncle's wedding. We had a brief chat about building a product. Here is the thing, Vikash told me he could build anything and I, could sell it!

I finally had a ray of hope. I exchanged my ideas with him, briefed everything without concern that he'll build it with me or without me. I knew if I provide value, I'll be taken in.

That's what happened. After a month, Vikash pinged me to ask if I'd be willing to work on a tool.

Then Vikash did brainstorming, contacted a bunch of people and bought in Maninder, another developer, and the journey started.

- Rachit Singh Founder, Scribbify Media.