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Servly has everything you to need to start, manage & growing your service selling business online.

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Why Choose Servly to Sell Services Online ?

Client on-boarding, client retention, client management & client acquisition. Servly has you covered in every area.

Easy Client On-boarding

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Quick, Easy & Hassle Free Client Onboarding with forms integrated with payment gateways that load super quick.

Boost Conversion Rates
White Label Dashboard
Flawless Management

A Home for Your Service Business

Quick & Easy

Get your service business up and running in 30 minutes or less. Servly has a easy to use interface.

Make it your own !

Increase your branding with our white label options. Add your logo, brand's colors, & much more.

Easy Management

All your orders, invoices, billings, clients, team members, discussions, everything - in one place.

How to Start Selling Services Online ?

Make Your Account

Choose a plan that suits you and sign-up with your agency name. Registering takes less than 3 minutes.

Add Your Branding

Add your brand's logo, colors & other elements to make your dashboard your own.

Add Your Services & Pricing

Choose a plan that suits you and sign-up with your agency name. Registering takes less than 3 minutes.

Integrate Payment Details

Add your payment details ( where you want to get paid ).

Start Promoting & Get Orders

Start sharing links of your services & accept orders right on your platform.

Service Selling Just Got Easier

If you're a service provider, you'd understand that it is much harder to grow & scale a service business as compared to selling a product.

Your time is occupied in fulfilling orders, communicating with your team members, keeping up to the deadlines, or contacting clients to clear out your payments.

What if there was a software/app to make things easier ?

  • You might use a plugin like contact form 7 or long email threads to collect client data and requirements. But, there you miss collecting payments.
  • Or you might get a plugin that integrates payment gateway in order form where clients can submit data and purchase on spot. But, there you miss on team communication & management.
  • You might use slack or any group chatting app, but there you miss work distribution and target setting.

This can go on..

But what if, there was one single platform where you can handle everything ?

Instead of using multiple services to handle separate aspects like messaging, billing, management etc, Servly helps you sell services online by putting everything in one central place.

Boost Client Communication Like a PRO

Servly helps you bridge the communication gap. If you, or someone from your team posts an update or message on client's order, they're notified via email and their client panel to reply.

Instead of long email threads for every project, even when customer replies via email, it shows in thread. This bridges all communication gap and avoid who said what.

Client & Team's Message History

No more confusing long email threads, all replies, all messages, everything in one place.

Attach files

Send reports, files and more in a secure thread without worrying about google or facebook eating your privacy.

Selling Services with Servly

If you've learned a marketable skill, it's natural to start selling your service online. You can either decide to work as a freelancer or go all out and build an agency. But, regardless of which route you want to go, it all starts with a basic website. Your website is the foundation of your business and at the bottom of every sale funnel. Luckily, it's super easy to start selling your services online using Servly. You only need a few things to start selling today : 

1. Positioning Yourself

Before you start building your website and promoting it, you have to plan how you're going to brand yourself. 

For example, let's say your service is content writing, it'll be helpful if you focus on a specific niche. Not only it is easier to find work as a "WordPress freelance writer" than as a general freelance writer, but it is also easier to establish yourself as an authority. 

Think about what service you're offering and how you can add a unique selling point to your brand. This can be done easily by answering questions like : 

  • What specific service am I offering? 
  • Who is my target audience/client?

If you're able to answer these questions clearly, setting up your website will be much easier. 

2. Build Your Website

Once you have the info from the first step, you should start building your website. Now, if you have never built a website before, this step can sound a bit intimidating.

But, you can either hire someone to do it for you or use one of the many online website builders to do it with ease. 

The website building process can be broken down into multiple steps to make it simple :

  1. Choose a CMS, like WordPress, or maybe a website builder, like Wix. 
  2. Purchase hosting, get a domain name and Setup your account. 
  3. Pick a theme and customize the overall feel of the theme to match your business. If you're using WordPress or Wix, this will be super easy. 
  4. Add the necessary pages. 

When selling services, there are some pages that you can't ignore. We've listed them, so you can add them to your website, just in case you haven't yet. 

  1. Homepage which immediately tells what your service is, what problem it solves or how it can improve the client's life. 
  2. A portfolio page to showcase your previous work and quality of work.
  3. A testimonials page that contains all the reviews from past clients. ( it can take a while if you're just starting out )
  4. A service page that contains detailed info of what services you're offering, along with pricing, faq, and other details.
  5. A contact page which makes it easy for any potential client to reach out quickly. 

These pages will give your website a solid start. 

3. Building a Sales Funnel to Sell Services

Having a funnel is what separates a successful business from an unsuccessful one.
A funnel helps you give a proper shape and structure to your brand and shows the client how serious you are about your work.
A funnel includes client onboarding, collecting info that you need to offer your services, collecting payments, and communicating with clients.
It's must to use Servly. Servly lets you manage all your clients, team and projects under one roof. Servly helps you streamline all your service business in one go. 

4. Traffic generation and client acquisition

To sell, you need people who buy your service. For that, you need traffic. There are multiple ways to acquire new clients for your service-based business.
a. Contribute as a guest author on popular sites that your potential clients read, and have a bio that links to your own website
b. Start publishing blog post and rank for customer-centric keywords ( this one is a long term approach )
c. Create profiles on the social media platforms where your audience hangs out, such as Instagram and Linkedin.
d. Register on job boards in your particular niche and start pitching or bidding on gigs that you think you can fulfill.
e. Start cold pitching emails and calls to individuals and companies who might need your services.
f. There are many more methods of traffic generation to get new clients. It's important to go for an omnichannel approach and find the one that works best for your brand.